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Social Media Plagiarism

Plagiarism, especially for a college student, is pretty scary. The repercussion of an FF is too humiliating to think of. It is forever in your record and no one wants to hear your side of the story. I got a close call once. I had refused to put quotation marks on a quote, even though I did accredit and introduce the quote. Well, I got dropped a letter grade. I stewed for a while because I had put in a lot of effort on the paper, but was grateful that I didn't get an F or the disastrous FF. Since, I have been very careful of my attributions. However, I do not carry this carefulness to social media. Most especially on Twitter, but not so much on Facebook. Well, twitter's 140-character limit doesn't allow much for accreditation. It is enough to say "I love and care about you," but sometimes isn't enough to implement originality and honesty. For example, sometimes I find this really amazing quote and I tweet it. Problem is that the quote is probably too long th…