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Upcoming Shows/Movies

It is trailers time. And boy, am I loving them all. In no specific order, here are trailers I am excited for or can see myself getting excited about.
TV Shows  The Astronauts Wives Club Yes! Yes! Yes!

My love for Bette Porter, I mean Jennifer Beals, no I don't, knows no bound. Loved Chicago Code and hated its cancellation. So, color me happy to see her face on my small screen again.

Dark Matters
Syfy, Syfy, Syfy. All I need to know and say about this show. Syfy has been giving me life recently with Ascension, 12 Monkeys, and other shows. So, I will be watching.

Why can't Christian Filmmakers Get It Right?

Stopped, paused and played The Song  a million times. I can't take it anymore. So, I am going to vent for a few.

From the poster, you could tell the bloody  plot. Just seeing the tattooed covered girl  standing behind the protagonist is enough to foretell that she will be portrayed as the snake whore who will lure the righteous man from his path and cause him to crash everything. Because the one thing Christians are being taught over and over again is that men have no will over their decisions and the woman is always at fault for every bloody wrong thing.
Every time I hear some turd quote the snake, the apple, Eve, Adam and the bloody fall from grace episode, I literally pull my hair and question God why he makes people dumb.

CBS' Supergirl

CBS released the first picture of its upcoming Supergirl series today and boy is the costume all and more! Without further ado, drumroll, get your first peek. 
Yes, yes, yes! No pushed up bra, peeking  side boob or cleavage. Did I say yes?  
This costume tells me that the team means business and won't be going in the route of usual comic gimmick. It plans on taking her character seriously. Because that outfit screams I'm as capable as the boys and I'm not here for some geek boy's fantasy. Well done, CBS and everybody involved. This girl will sure be tuning in, coming from the high of the gloriousness of Agent Carter.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The day of the Schmidt or Smith is over. The first couple episodes did lure me ahead. But I've got to say I couldn't finish this series in one sitting, not because I couldn't but because I needed a break from it.

First, the 30 minutes per episode format isn't working for me. It's Neflix, dammit. I have come to expect greatness from its original series. A little bit of Googling showed that the series wasn't produced for Netflix in mind but NBC which accounts for all my issues.
The series tries too hard to be funny and sometimes it's hard to suppress disbelief that Kimmy is a woman who was kept in a bunker for 15 years, I think, secluded from the world. But then, American over the top humor always is lost on me. The comparison to 30 Rock is on the money. I also never found that show funny. So, if you loved or liked 30 Rock, you might find the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt hilarious, like its theme song which I love. Love love the cheekiness of th…

#genderbendingFriday: Spicy Heidi Klum

While I do shy away from red as I run away from extra bright colors. I fear my dark skin won't work well for such colors. But, I am often reminded that my skin's perfect for such vibrant colors. I guess it's just a mindset I need to shake.

But, without any doubt, this suit is all kinds of perfection. Can't fault it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Heck yeah, Tina Fey understands the keys to our hearts! It's okay if you agree. No one will push you out of the cool clique. TV nerding is the new cool, has always been though. Moving on away from jokes I am bombing so bad at, Tina Fey's new hilarious comedy series stars Ellie Kemper "as a woman who is rescued from a doomsday cult and starts life over as a nanny for an Upper East Side socialite in New York City. Armed with just a backpack, light-up sneakers and a couple way-past-due library books, she takes on a world she didn’t think even existed anymore." Watch the trailer below.

 Already made a date with my bed and my smart DVD powered Netflix for March 6. Yeah, the whole date night works. Yes Netflix, just keep making me happy. It's not easy shelling out $20 per month for my subscription (streaming + DVD). Elli Kemper face's mirrors mine.

#genderbendingFriday: Golden Globes edition

Last Golden Globe hosting gig for these two, so they say. Somehow, I would not be surprised to see the contract being renewed. I refuse to let go of that dream. Tina rocked that suit, even though we only got to see it for a brief moment.

Saying Goodbye To HBO's The Newsroom

Synopsis: The Newsroom, an American television political drama series, finished its last and third run on Home Box Office (HBO) last year. Created by Aaron Sorkin, The Newsroom is a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make the nightly cable-news program, News Night, at the fictional Atlantis Cable News (ACN) channel. It focuses on the network anchor Will McAvoy, his new executive producer and former girlfriend, MacKenzie McHale, the newsroom staff – James Harper (Jim), Margaret Jordan (Maggie), Don Keefer, Sloan Sabbith, Neelamani Sampat (Neal) –, and Charlie Skinner, Atlantis Cable News (ACN) president. Will anchors News Night which is the flagship news program of ACN. It runs every night at 8 to 9 p.m. The series tracks their idealistic mission to do the news well, in the face of corporate and commercial obstacles and their own personal entanglements.

Cast's characters: Jim is a senior producer who followed Mackenzie to News Night. Maggie is an associate producer of News Nig…