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PRSSA 2012 Leadership Rally's Withdrawal Syndrome

As I departed from the Chaparral Suites and made my way through the scenic route to the airport, I went through what Erica Brown calls #nationalconferenceproblems which simply put is PRSSA national conference withdrawal syndrome. So as I journeyed back to the airport, my mind, soul and spirit wasn’t in the shuttle bus, but back at the hotel which I had left way too early.

Once again, I couldn’t believe how much I’ve learned in the short amount of time and how much more I still have to learn about PRSSA. Each time, I open a layer of PRSSA involvement, a thousand other pools right in front of me to be explored. I guess that’s the appeal of PRSSA. It’s an unending learning cycle.

Happy to be Part of the New Generation of PR Professionals

On my flight to PRSSA Leadership Rally in Scottsdale, Arizona, I finally had time to read a few chapters of “Social Media and Public Relations: Eight New Practices For the PR Professional” by Deirdre K. Breakenridge. I had won my copy in the #PRStudchat’s #8newpractices book giveaway.

As I opened the cute blue book with red inlay and a huge giant globe of technology on its cover, Breakenridge immediately introduces the eight new practices in the first couple of pages. As I read the book, I couldn’t help being grateful for my generation. To explain better, I will use one of the new PR practices.

According to Breakenridge, a PR professional must be a technology tester. I couldn’t help but think about how I take it for granted that technology is extremely important in the daily execution of a PR professional. In fact, the use of a Mac and an iPhone always makes it into different “how to recognize a PR professional” lists. Of course not all PR professionals are Apple consumers.…