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Christmas #genderbendingFriday:

Merry Christmas

Have you watched #TheHonourableWoman? You should!

Our attitudes towards rape accusations

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#genderbendingFriday: IWC Schaffhausen Commercial

An Ode To @Asa_official

Nigeria at 54 - Pete pete - 9ice ft Asa

Next Time Someone Says Women Aren't Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This

#GenderbendingFriday:Janelle Monae

In Today's News

“Orange Is the New Black” meets “Grey’s Anatomy”

TV Writing Opportunity


This world, is it mine to worry about?

She, Unnamed

#GenderbendingFriday: Jenna Lyons

Fall Soon-To-Be Favorites



The gods Who

Amazon Fights Publishers, Removes Their Books – Ethical Issue?

Ethical Issue Surrounding FCC's Net Neutrality Controversial Proposal

Jill Abramson and The New York Times - Ethical issue


Creatives, Do we torture ourselves?


The Nigerian Immigrant Road and The Darling That Is @UzoAduba

Book Report: Cross Current by Christine Kling

Sherlock Holmes: A Tad Bit Unrealistic

Embassy by Tolu Oloruntoba


#Suits' Jessica Pearson, HBIC of Pearson Specter

Jessica Pearson's GIFs

Why Do We Keep Asking For Apologies?

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A List Of African Literary Magazines

Orange is the New Black Disney Princesses

My #YesAllWomen Tweets

When the Majority is Oppressed!

You Don't Have To Be Pretty


The search for success

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A Portrait of the Artist as a young Man

Tina Fey’s Prayer For Her Daughter

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Why I Speak