A List Of African Literary Magazines

For a comprehensive list of literary magazines that cater to the African writer, check out African Literary Magazines, a directory and information hub about African writing scene. Whether you need help figuring which genre each magazine, site and publisher caters to, or researching which place to shop your newest work to, African Literary Magazines has got your back.

African Poetry Magazine
Packed with information and interesting features, the magazine began with the simple desire to provide a necessary service to the followers of African Poetry - readers and scholars, anthologists, conference and festival managers or other enquirers.  
Submit:  poetry.

Fosters cultural understanding and awareness through literature, art and film. Founded in 1992 by a small group of writers and visual artists, the organization strives for artistic and literary excellence while showcasing the unique and diverse stories within the African Diaspora. It publishes quarterly.
Submit: fiction, poetry.

African Writing Online
Will publish any writer who writes into the African Condition (please interpret boldly). It is adventurous in its definition of Africana, but will also publish good literature generally.
Submit:  poetry, essays, fiction, non-fiction.
Based in New York, it considers original works of fiction by writers of African descent. Founded in February 1999, ANANSI is published twice a year. 
Submit: short fiction and novel excerpts from all genres
Showcases contemporary Arab authors in English translation, from wherever they are writing and publishing. Sees itself as a vehicle for intercultural dialogue and exchange that opens a window for UK and other Western audiences on the realities of Arab culture in all its diversity and vibrancy, enabling fruitful discourse to develop, that will lead to further exchange, mutual respect, new writings, deeper understanding, and Arab literature taking its rightful place in the canon of world literature.
Submit:  poetry, short stories, novel excerpts of novels, interviews, book reviews, photo-reports of literary events.

Bakwa Magazine
An international online magazine that engages in contemporary literature, art, culture, photography and reportage with an emphasis on Africa and its diaspora. As an online and off-line magazine, it covers cultural issues like art, photography, music, literature, fashion, cinema, and has a penchant for long-form creative nonfiction, reportage and literature.

Brittle Paper
Brittle Paper is part of the global literary movement promoting and shaping the way we produce, appraise, and consume African literary works.
Submit: fiction, poetry, reviews, commentaries, and essays

Founded in 1976 by its current editor, Charles Henry Rowell, Callaloo is a journal of African Diaspora Arts and Letters based at Texas A&M University, has recently been ranked one of the top 15 literary magazines in the United States by Every Writer’s Resource.
Submit: scholarly articles, book reviews, interviews, nonfiction essays, short fiction, poetry, visual art.

Chimurenga Magazine
A pan African publication of culture, art and politics based in Cape Town. Founded by Editor Ntone Edjabe in 2002, it provides an innovative platform for free ideas and political reflection by Africans about Africa. The journal is published irregularly in print, online and through themed performances called “Chimurenga Sessions.”
Submit: essay, poetry, fiction, artwork, photography

A prizewinning anthology of print and online poetry~ now welcomes up to three poems by each invited poet, thanks to an increased archival capacity. Poems by invitation only.
Submit: poetry.

Seeks to create a space in which to re-interpret what it means to be of African descent when one does not “fit” into the illusory monolith of Black political identity. joINT seeks work from writers and visual artists across the African diaspora, who exist within the margins of gender, sex, religious, cis, able-bodied, and class privilege, to name a few. 
Submit: poetry, visual art, non-fiction, fiction, spoken word, book trailer, audio submissions

Jungle Jim
A bimonthly, African pulp fiction magazine which features genre-based writing from all over Africa. It constantly looks for writers and illustrators to join its galactic quest.
Submit:  pulp fiction.

Kalahari Review
Kalahari Review is an African-eccentric magazine interested in material exploring Africa and Africans in unique and avant-garde ways. Telling new stories from everyday African life as told by the people that are living it. It seeks stories that have not often been told but should be – through voices that have not yet been heard - but should.
Submit: fiction, poetry, essays, humor pieces

Online literary and graphic lifestyle magazine with urban and African roots. It was founded in 2009 to create a magazine about the search for truth and a better life, and our devotion to REPLANTing with wholesome values.
Submit: poetry, photography, fiction, prose

Receives significant funding from the Ford Foundation and has become a major platform for writing from across the African continent.
Submit: new journalism, fiction, experimental writing, poetry, cartoons, photographs, cutting edge academic papers, ideas, literary travel writing, creative non-fiction.

Aims to provide a robust virtual home for culture lovers and to remain the leading South African multicultural online journal. It accommodates other languages such as Xhosa, English and Dutch.  LitNet is a home for both the home-grown philosopher and the more highbrow intellectual.

A journal on African literatures and societies dedicated to interdisciplinary dialogue between literary and cultural studies, historiography, the social sciences and cultural anthropology. It creates temporary communicative communities and provides a transient site for the exchange of news, storytelling, and political debate. 
Submit: Poetry, fiction, playscripts, reviews.
An online Ethiopian literary journal, it is published in Amharic and English. 
Submit: poetry, short stories, and essays.

Mirabilia Review 
An online carnival of the world’s storytelling traditions, a bazaar of diverse and variegated narratives which celebrates the unities and divergences of experience in the contemporary global space. 
Submit: send short stories of between 4,000 and 12,000 words to mirabilia.review@gmail.com. Submissions should be sent as attachments in .doc or .rtf file types. A short biographical sketch is required. The subject line of the e-mail should follow this format: “Submission: Story’s Title by Author’s Name.”

Launched in 1998, Mosaic is a print tri-annual (February, June, & October) that explores the literary arts by writers of African descent, and features interviews, essays, and book reviews. It welcomes advance review copies and galleys for review.
Submit: essays, interviews, and literary-focused articles.

An online Zimbabwean-American literary platform that features works from global writers and artists. While the journal receives the bulk of its submissions from Zimbabwe and the United States, it also features works from Nigeria, India, China, the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Ghana, Canada, and more from all corners of the globe.
Submit: interviews, poetry, biography profiles, literary updates, essays, book reviews, fiction, art & photography.

A Pan-African journal of culture, the politics of art and the media.

A South African literary magazine founded by four University of Cape Town graduates, featuring long form non-fiction, fiction, poetry, photography and illustration. It calls itself simply “a magazine of writing”, believing in the pursuit of “damn fine writing” and a “means to put it in its place”.
Submit: long form creative nonfiction, short fiction, poetry.

A black and white cultural publication for writers of color to showcase their work in any genre. It provides readers with an opportunity to read new work by internationally renowned and new writers within a format and design that is aesthetically as important as the written word.
Submit: fiction, poetry, in translation, memoir, travel narratives, essays, classic review, expressions, in celebration.

A quarterly literary magazine that aims to create unending voices by publishing the finest emerging writers, with a bias for Nigeria, and Africa. We also publish wonderful poetry in the form of chapbooks.
Submit: poetry, fiction and non-fiction

Launched in 2012, SierrArts explores and showcases the literary arts by Sierra Leonean writers and artists. SierrArts is currently the only online literary journal established by Sierra Leoneans. 
Submit: interviews, book reviews, and arts and culture.

An online platform for the expression of almost unheard of desires. 
Submit: flash fiction, essays, poetry, reviews and all other matters of substance.

Founded in July 22nd 2012, in a bid to promote, enthuse and celebrate contemporary African writings, TASW publishes literary works of writers from Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and others countries and off-course, from African writers abroad.
Submit: poetry, fiction and non-fiction

The South African Literary Journal
The South African Literary Journal is the oldest surviving literary magazine in South Africa. It is the journal to find new writing and be read if you are a writer.
Submit: poetry, short stories, flash fiction, essays and reviews

The Single Story Foundation
TSSF seeks well-crafted, realistic stories about Africa, Africans and African issues written by writers of African descents or those associated with Africa. 
Submit: send poetry, fiction, review and photograph to publication@singlestory.org. Be sure to include contact information such as your name, address, phone and email on the page of each submission.

Born in Africa and bred in the diaspora, Transition is a unique forum for the freshest, most compelling, most curious ideas about race. It bills itself as "an anchor of deep reflection on black life and a map charting new routes through the globalized world." Transition is published three times annually by Indiana University Press.
Submit: non-fiction prose, short fiction, poetry, interviews, review essays, artwork and photography

A pan-African, bilingual (English/French), quarterly electronic magazine by, for and about sexual minority groups in Africa. Q-zine aims to provide a legitimate outlet for queer Africans to celebrate the creativity and cultural richness of queer life in Africa. Q-zine’s main goal is to encourage sexual minority groups to decide how they should be represented in popular culture.
Submit: fiction, non-fiction, poetry, illustrations, fashion shoots, make-up and hair style photos, art, book review, music, TV shows and movies reviews, reviews of queer friendly hot spots, articles on politic, human rights, social issues, health topics and fitness.

A new annual magazine of poetry and photography from and inspired by the province of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. 
Submit: poetry, photography.

A Britain’s premier magazine for international contemporary writing. Published quarterly, Wasafiri provides serious literary and critical coverage of writers who often struggled, because of their cultural or ethnic backgrounds, to get adequate notice in the mainstream press.
Submit: fiction, poetry, interviews, reviews, articles.

Published quarterly, with a special emphasis on reviving interest in African literature.
Submit: book reviews, author profiles and interviews, publishing information, study guides and information, features, literary works.


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