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How Nollywood needs to improve

Yes, I was motivated to write this post by the's one, although I have been dragging this article for a few days now. Alright, a week.

There are three things/media I can say that I am knowledgeable about, because I have been exposed to them since childhood. They are music, books and TV. And for as long as I can think of, I have been fascinated with the world of make-believe. I grew up watching too much TV perhaps, and was the one who would go to an home-video club and rent Nigerian home videos. So trust me, I am not crapping out or diminishing Nollywood, just stating facts.

Identifying Brand Influencers

Like I said in my previous post, I would be covering a #pr20chat's discussion about identifying influencers. I would be answering four question in brief paragraphs below.

Q1: Does the definition of influence change for each client or campaign? Should it? How so or why not? I do not believe that the definition of influence changes. However, I believe that metrics of finding such influencers do change. The end goal is always the same; it is how you get there that is different. Also, your audience is the driving force in finding and attributing influence in a person about a particular topic and not the client.

Q2: How does context factor into influencer research? Yes, context is important in any kind of research. The purpose of the campaign and the target audience is important in carrying out an influencer research. Like I said earlier, the audience is the driving force, fullstop. Never underestimate, undermine, overlook or lose sight of who the audience is. By understanding the audi…

Klout (Identifying Brand Influencers)

(10/18/11) Tonight's #pr20chat's discussion is on "identifying brand influencers for ones clients." I believe that Klout would play a major role in this discussion. Klout, for those who keep asking me, is an online platform that calculates one's social media presence and clout. It allows you to sign in using either your facebook or twitter account and has your klout score already available. For example, my present klout score after taking a nose dive is 61 out of a 100. Klout also places you in certain styles. There are 16 categories: specialist, activist, explorer, observer, networker, socializer, conversationalist, dabbler, pundit, thought leader, feeder, syndicator, celebrity, taste maker, broadcaster and curator.

Let's talk Branding

Branding for a PR person is an intricate job description. We are always the brand's ambassadors. Michelle Foley always says that she wouldn't be at Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa Fla, if she didn't connect with the hospital's motto. She also said that she wouldn't be able to sell the brand if it hadn't fallen in line with her personal conviction. So, a PR's person is more than just an advocate, but a brand's advocate.

So what then is a brand: text-book reading says a brand is "something that leads you to feel something in your gut about the product - an aura, essence, personality and invisible layer that surrounds the product. And what makes it different from other products." I however would say that a brand is the totality of the package.
A friend asked me last week to be his PR campaign manager as he would be competing in a reality show: Next Movie Star. I agreed to help create a buzz but reminded him that since I was not in Nigeria, I was lim…

Eastern Exposure(lack of a title)

You sit at the round table and stare at the wall.

Does she know that I defended her today? That my voice rang loud as I said "No, my sister isn't a bother to me." That I walked out on my liaison when he suggested that we part ways. That I stopped at the tech shop on my way home and bought her a canon. That I had smiled all the way in the taxi, imagining her face when she sees the big blue box. Her carefully unboxing the camera.

Does she know? you wonder.

Let's talk PR

What comes to your mind when you think about PR. I wager that it has to do with artiste management, student government positions, publicity and damage control. You would be right BUT this is just an aspect of Public Relations. Public Relation is kinda hard to define. The closest I can come to defining PR is that "it is the management function that identifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and its various publics on whom its success and failure depends on" as stated in Think Public Relations.

Let's talk RIM

A few weeks ago, RIM recalled their Playbook tablet. This should have ignited a trigger in the minds of people that something is up with the company. But that didn't get BB users talking or seeking answers.

Then three days ago, it happened. My TL went crazy as different platforms started cropping up. Most people who used to call out Snaptu user were now themselves using the app. And certain handles were tweeting about how the mighty had fallen and how different weird twitter apps were popping up on their TLs. I had pegged it down to 9ja syndrome. And since I am not a BB user, I did not feel compelled to comment.

Dedicated to Mrs Amorelle Inanga

I once went to a wonderful school and had a wonderful teacher. She taught me how to use my voice and helped me curb my shyness. She, Mrs Inanga, shall forever be on my mind. Someday, sometimes, somehow we will meet. And I would be finally able to tell her how much she wrought in me. But, too bad, I lost my voice, I cant sing. But whenever I sing or hear this song, I always remember Mrs Inanga on her piano.

In love

(Dedicated to *ahem*)
My heart races with the stretch of darkness
My eyes squint shut as I filter through the images      

My lips raised to his
His planting a tender gesture
I stand
         I need to get outside
His hands pull me back
                                        for just a moment

A chapter in my book turned script(contd) Dragging his gaze from her body to her face, he said “you look good.”
“Thanks,” she is finding it difficult to be in the present as the lull of the past is strong.
“So why did you pay N10,000,000 extra for the property?” she pushes the file she had across the table to him.
“Oh you noticed.,” he said.
“Is that supposed to be a compliment or a test?”