Monday, December 22, 2014

Our attitudes towards rape accusations

It is heart breaking to realize even in 2014, people still have no idea what rape is. Roxane Gay believes it's because we "can’t fathom rape as a thing that an otherwise normal-seeming person would ever do."

Rape IS NOT ABOUT SEX! It is not even forceful sex. Rape is about power, dominance, dehumanization, etc.

Even the definition of rape was amended a decade ago, we still immediately assume rape must be forceful and must incur bodily harm. Even sadder that most survivors actually believe this and have to go through a process of accepting that they were raped, then have to go through the emotional process of putting their lives together after such discovery, to pointing a finger at their rapist. To assume that people have to do this concurrently, and should they not, it be an indication of a lie, I have no words for. I have news for you. You don't get to decide someone's emotional process. It's not yours to decide!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Give #The100 four other tries and you won't be sorry

Watching the first episodes of The 100 were a lot hard for me. The teenage angst was just unchewable, especially Clarke's animosity towards Wells and then towards her mother. It just had me all about to African parent smack some senses into her. Jesox, can she just grow up! The unneeded disappearance of Wells didn't help either. Really, that was a pointless development, especially what was done to that poor little girl after. It's not on the characters but the writers. Let's not even talk about the Clarke, Finn and Raven triangle. Ship Clarke with anybody, but Finn. I even hoped for a spark when she started working with Bellamy. But, the writers seem intent on shoving Clarke and Finn supposed one true pairing down my throat. Really, at first glance, The 100 feels like a campy Battlestar Galactica effort, only with teenagers.

But, if you stick with it, you would forgive all these grievances and go look in haste for the second season as soon as the last episode of the first season ends. Seriously, it gets not that terrible by episode three, a lot better by episode five and a whole lot awesome towards the end of the first season and the rest of season two.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Syfy's #Ascension Review: A Goody

"Sexist, racist and homophobic, yet I say you should watch it." These are words that come to mind when I think of Ascension.

Ascension is Syfy's original science fiction mystery drama that takes place in an alternate present time aboard a generation ship. In 1963, men, women and children were sent into space on a century-long voyage aboard the U.S.S. Ascension to colonize Proxima Centauri, assuring the survival of the human race. Insider TV nails it best: "The twists and turns of Ascension’s three-night mini-series flight landed the earthbound space ark’s most Right Stuffy space hero and the story itself in a mysterious place strewn with wreckage and reminders of other stories. And more mystery!"

Overt problems 
Racism: there are only two token lead black people: one black guy who rises from the lower deck to become an officer and the black librarian who adopted him after his parent's get blown to pieces. Verdict, librarian gets shipped into a coma by reacting to another person's shot. Black guy gets zapped to Mars, like literally.

Sexism: there is clear gender roles on the ship. And, the environment off the ship resembles the one in it. To quote a few fellow watchers and tweeters.

Friday, October 10, 2014

#genderbendingFriday: IWC Schaffhausen Commercial

Many months later, the new IWC Schaffhausen commercial gets released. Be still my heart, be still! The black and white picture, "Amore Fermati" by Fred Bongusto giving me those romantic flutters, Cate Blanchett, Emily Blunt and Zhou Xun in tuxes, everything! So much feels!!!

Murewa, breathe, in and out, easy, just breathe. Was not a fan of IWC but I just got converted. Its Portuguese line, specifically the Sidérale Scafusia, sets my heart ablaze, followed by the pilot collection -- Chronograph Top Gun. Elegance is understated. But, more importantly, I heart the commercial. Although, you can call it a short. 

Pictures of the shoot can be found in one of my earlier #genderbendingFriday posts. Swoon, swoon, swoon. You're welcome. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

An Ode To @Asa_official

My love for Asa isn't an open-secret. In fact, my mum calls her "my musician." As if, I own her or what not. But, she usually means Asa, my favorite artist. I bought my father the Beautiful Imperfection CD as a birthday/new year gift. Yes, I was that determined (in Chigul's voice, dee-ta-min-e-d) to get my whole family into the fandom. I pride myself in knowing all lyrics to her songs, even though they're quite easy to learn. Feel all mushy inside, even I visible protest seeing it, whenever people say we look alike. The Asa fever is so bad that I am contemplating buying a vinyl player so I can buy all Asa albums in vinyl and play the shit out of them.

Anyways, I found a couple pictures from olorisupergal's blog of Asa from the spectacular concert she had at the Union Chapel a few days ago. Twitter didn't let me rest as it proceeded to inform me of what I am missing. Dammit, people, I know.  Anyways, the pictures caused me so much swooning, I started dreaming of a buzzfeed article, dedicated to her wonderfulness. Make it happen, folks! Since, I suspect, no one realizes how much I want that article to happen, I have decided to make a mini one, using pictures stolen from OloriSuperGal. Don't judge. So, here we go:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nigeria at 54 - Pete pete - 9ice ft Asa

Another Independence Day and I'm with mixed feelings, especially after watching some Alhaji Sir Tafawa Balewa videos. Nigeria, what happened to you between 1961 and now? So many things went wrong! How did many things go so wrong so fast, for so long? Why?

I would let 9ice and Asa do justice to my emotions at this time. Of which, before 9ice gets himself elected, he needs to go and shoot a video for Pete Pete. Back to Nigeria, someday, someday soon.

Verse 1: (9ice)
Ojo re bi ana ta gb'ominira, [It seems as though we gained our independence yesterday]
1960 N'igba yen tis easy gege bo se wi [It was the year 1960 and things were easy]
Ta rugbo, t'omidan lon dunu pa ti d'ominira [Both young and old rejoiced when we became free]
Ominira indeed abi, ewo Naira wa [Independence indeed..see the way Naira has depreciated]
Ilu polukurumusu [the country is upside down]
T'ewe t'agba lon j'eyan won nisu [Both young and old are suffering]
Abe ori, ewe eri, sugbon e ofewi [Youths can see what's wrong but they're scared to talk]
Abe ori, agba eri atenuje lofe p'ayin [The older ones see what's wrong but they're too greedy]
Petepete t'ana ni popa
Eni bataba, kolo mofe ni

Friday, September 19, 2014

Next Time Someone Says Women Aren't Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This

For the full comic, head over to Robot Hugs.

#GenderbendingFriday:Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae wears a suit and it becomes perfection. She was made to rock great pieces! Love her style. Love her music! Inspirational stuffs.

In Today's News

1. Scotland Voted No yesternight/early this morning. I waited all night to hear it called. After all was said and done, I mean ballots counted, First Minister Alex Salmond finally appeared. All night, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon held the front. Heard today Salmond may be resigning after yesterday's result. Well, considering he was absent all day, ok.

After much anticipation, Glasgow's number came in: Yes, but with a 194,779 (53.5 percent). Which was not a good number considering it was the heart of the Yes campaign.
And in case you're wondering why you should have been invested in the election, this writer breaks it down with her Wetin Concern Scotland With Naijas In Jand? article. The writer's head were there!

“Orange Is the New Black” meets “Grey’s Anatomy”

Alex Vause's spirit transcends, Walahi! Saw the picture and all I could think of was "Sara fantastic Ramirez." I love it, and I am this close to shipping it. In fact, I already have shipped the boat!

Waiting for next year is torture, Orange Is The New Black writers! But hey, six days to Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw, aka Calzona goodness. Would miss Sandra Oh, but the Shondaland ride is ON!