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Why Do We Keep Asking For Apologies?

The idea that people have to apologize for who they are to me is one of the stupid things we do as humans. Majorly, because, minority groups often believe they shouldn't apologize for who they are but expect the majority group to apologize. This scenario fascinates me, as it's one I see in every freedom movement. But the three major movements that show it the most are race, gender and sexuality.

Let's tackle each issue.

Publication News: Wartorn Me

I don't know about you, but poetry is the hardest thing to write. You're meant to prune it till it's succinct. As a die-hardened fiction writer, I used to swear I couldn't write poetry.  But, 2012 was a great year. I took a poetry class and wrote some decent poems. Even better, I got two of my poems published. Klorofyl is the latest journal to publish my work. And I am honored.

Head over to Klorofyl to read Wartorn Me.

A List Of African Literary Magazines

For a comprehensive list of literary magazines that cater to the African writer, check out African Literary Magazines, a directory and information hub about African writing scene. Whether you need help figuring which genre each magazine, site and publisher caters to, or researching which place to shop your newest work to, African Literary Magazines has got your back.

African Poetry Magazine Packed with information and interesting features, the magazine began with the simple desire to provide a necessary service to the followers of African Poetry - readers and scholars, anthologists, conference and festival managers or other enquirers.   Submit:  poetry.
African Voices Fosters cultural understanding and awareness through literature, art and film. Founded in 1992 by a small group of writers and visual artists, the organization strives for artistic and literary excellence while showcasing the unique and diverse stories within the African Diaspora. It publishes quarterly. Submit: fiction, po…

Orange is the New Black Disney Princesses

For a Design Crowd contest, Maria Bayley mashed-up Disney princesses with Orange is the New Black characters and came up with:
Holla! She won first place.