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Form Assignment

I had this writing assignment and had to use a certain form to write a story. I used the police report form. This story is obviously not a "complete story" as it doesn't have the normal trigger, climax and resolution structure to it. But it is one I enjoyed writing and decided to share. Had to play with blogger to get the structure right.


I am sorry, I haven't written anything in a while. Every time I typed or thought about a shortie or poem, it ended being something for me alone, to make sense of the recent days, to mourn in my own way. It also doesn't help that I have been extremely busy. I wrote this letter a few days ago. I needed to get this off my chest. Hopefully, this would help me sort through my confusion.

My PUR3000 Class Reflection.

Whether from being sugar high or discovering my passion for PR, I did talk too much in this class than in the entirety of my college life. But my propensity to talk wasn't the only thing I learnt, this class opened my eyes to the world of public relations.

From the topic "what is public relations," I learned that there are many definitions of public relations which only "reflects the nuances of the professional or academic niche from which they originate, while giving short-shrift to the commonalities that bind us all" ( My textbook answer, "public relation is the management function that identifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficially relationship between an organization and the various publics on whom its success or failure depends," is sufficient till the Public Relations Defined project is completed (think public relations). Then, I would be able to do a better job defining public relations. And not result to ex…

A Volunteer Experience Gone Sour.

A group of five students from the University of South Florida volunteered at a Pumpkin Festival on the 30th of October 2011. Even though we were volunteering because we had to for our Pur3000 class, we were pretty excited about the volunteering opportunity.

We got to venue and had a hard time finding Gate 5: our entry point. We finally found the unmarked gate after a couple of wrong turns. We contacted our liaison who told us to wait, where we were packed, for a golf cart to transport us to the festival ground. A while later, no golf cart showed up and we walked into the ground unhindered. It was surprising how easy we had walked in, even though there were visible ticket booths at Gate 1 and 2.

PR people you need to know on twitter

My twitter experience has been amazing this year. I have had amazing twitchats and met PR folks through twitter. So I thought, why not write a list of PR folks that I would recommend to my friends? However, I must confess that this list is an ongoing project, one that I shall continually update. Now this list is subjective to names and faces I see and talk to all the time. And the names are:
You also need to know the 25 Twitter Chats Every Entrepreneur Must Know: This should help twitter newbies, at least a little bit.

A Day with Lisa Brock

On 25th of October, USF PRSSA hosted Lisa Brock, the principal of Brock Communication; a public relations and marketing firm specializing in full service public relations. Lisa Brock graduated from Florida State University after majoring in Criminology and Women Studies. She was pre-recruited by Procter and Gamble, a Fortune 200 company. She left to start her own company and currently teaches at the University of Tampa. She talked to the students about success in public relations.

She advised them to be a generalist and not a specialist. It pays to be knowledgeable about different aspect of public relations. Dressing the part goes a long way in determining whether a public relation professional would be taken seriously. “Clothes in this field are an investment,” said Lisa Brock. Your appearance matters, avoid facial piercing, hide or avoid tattoos and consider having shorter hair as opposed to free flowing hair.

Letter to my 16-year-old self

Dear Self,
I know I can not turn back the hands of time. If i knew then what I know now, I would tell you to look after Naomi because she would turn out to be your only sister. Remember when she used to say she was dizzy and light headed and you would laugh it off and tell her to get over it and that it was just a minor headache. Well, little did we know that she had cancer.
I would have told you to take good care of her and stay close to her. That she was very vulnerable and needed someone to pay attention to her. Also, I would've advised you to take it easy with mum when she was getting frustrated with you because dad left and married a much younger woman. She needed a shoulder to cry on.

The Diary of a 9ja girl in Yankee

Remember that career workshop you had in secondary school when you were about to transition into SS1. It was the only time I saw the guidance counselor. She tried to ensure I got my career path right. I was given some survey to fill, which was supposed to show me my strengths and weaknesses, and the certain career that suited me.

I remember shaking my head on how ineffective those things are, as I did completely rig the outcome. I had always wanted to be a lawyer, so I made sure that the best profession that suited me was law. Now, I didn't reminisce to pinpoint just how much one can beat the system but to talk about this: parents' expectation for your chosen field. I never understood or could picture why some parents thought they could and wanted to influence their children's career path. Now, I don't have the luxury to say that.

The Small Print.

A status update on a FB page was enough to send me running to The first-five-chapter online-preview was enough to wet my appetite. And make me currently more veered to Sade as a character. I am intrigued to find out more about her plight. Would Bode change or not? Right from the very first mention, she comes across as a round character. As for Wale Ademola, not too much. I am afraid I really do not sympathize with his character at all.

In as much as I would love to go on, I fear I cannot because I have not read the full book and a review of the book now would definitely be an unjust one. Although, I assure that I would write one as soon as I finish reading the book, whenever I get the print. But for now, I would be posting chapter one and the links to the Amazon copy below.