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Next Time Someone Says Women Aren't Victims Of Harassment, Show Them This

#GenderbendingFriday:Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae wears a suit and it becomes perfection. She was made to rock great pieces! Love her style. Love her music! Inspirational stuffs.

In Today's News

1. Scotland Voted No yesternight/early this morning. I waited all night to hear it called. After all was said and done, I mean ballots counted, First Minister Alex Salmond finally appeared. All night, Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon held the front. Heard today Salmond may be resigning after yesterday's result. Well, considering he was absent all day, ok.

Scotland #indyref results in full - with updated map
— BBC Breaking News (@BBCBreaking) September 19, 2014 After much anticipation, Glasgow's number came in: Yes, but with a 194,779 (53.5 percent). Which was not a good number considering it was the heart of the Yes campaign.
Glasgow: Yes: 194,779. No: 169,347. "Only" 75% turnout. Not what "Yes" was looking for.
— Will McAvoy (@WillMcAvoyACN) September 19, 2014 And in case you're wondering why you should have been invested in the election, this writer breaks it down with her Wetin Concern Scotlan…

“Orange Is the New Black” meets “Grey’s Anatomy”

Alex Vause's spirit transcends, Walahi! Saw the picture and all I could think of was "Sara fantastic Ramirez." I love it, and I am this close to shipping it. In fact, I already have shipped the boat!

Waiting for next year is torture, Orange Is The New Black writers! But hey, six days to Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw, aka Calzona goodness. Would miss Sandra Oh, but the Shondaland ride is ON!

TV Writing Opportunity

Do you desire to write for a TV series? If yes, you should apply to fill one of the four staff writers The Bohemian media company has called out for. For more information about the opportunity, head over to The Single Story. Good luck!


Not all green suits make you look like a leprechaun, just saying. If you're one for bold suits, may the odds be in your favor. 

This world, is it mine to worry about?

This world, is it mine to worry about? Bombs inandout of Iraq. Gaza, the strip and Israel. The fact that I still can't spell Isreal right. Nigeria, 2014, the religious strife, the political pandemonium, 2015 hysteria, the girls yanked from their mothers' dry breasts, still encamped in houses they call not theirs. Ferguson, we still can't remove racial equation from the situation and realize how wrong shooting an unarmed, surrendered kid is. What now?

Another one dead, by stones, sticks, hands, whatever mechanism, descending in vigorous motion. Self made jury and judge, mass hysteria. The murders laid at the doors of religion, Christianity. The girl hung in the market square for honor-we've raped all over again, her intestines out in the street. Honor, never about hiding, but opening the 'sins' for the world to see. Girls, don't walk the street at night, dark, lurking evil. Don't friendzone the one you're not interested in. Don't wear minis, not e…

She, Unnamed

She lounged, no reclined, pranced like a lazy cat, the chair pushed into a semi bed, the dark aviators shielding her eyes from rays which Expand
ReplyFavoriteMore Sep 6 weren't let in by the tiny window to her left. A blue silky pashmina draped around her neck. She lay without a care, or seemed to be. Expand

#GenderbendingFriday: Jenna Lyons

A good blazer works wonders, whether on slacks or jeans. Here's Jenna Lyons,  J. Crew's president and creative director. Since her appointment as creative head in 2008, the company has since tripled its annual revenue and garnered a place in fashion as a desirable brand.