I swore that if I ever blogged, it wouldn't be because everyone is/was blogging but because I had a concrete reason to. So why did I open a blog site now? Easy, in a few days, I would be saying goodbye to Facebook. For the past two years, I had wanted to shut my account down but kept procrastinating. First, it was because of a reason I have no idea of right now, then it became the only means I could reach out to my friends across the ocean (see even though I am an inner tech geek, I strangely believe phones should be only business oriented alone. And as much, I cannot relax and chat on the phone. YEAH, weird. I know, welcome to my world.) What brought about me wanting to shut my FB account? It started with a call from a friend, telling me she had left FB cos "it just took too much of my time." I readily agreed but didn't think myself brave enough to take that step. However a year and a half later, after I stopped accepting friends request because I had close to 2500 friends and my physical life was nonexistent: the social media life had taken a toll on me. I was drained and exhausted, and even went on a month FB abstinence but my FB games tugged my heart back. I was/am addicted to playing Mafia Wars, Sorority Life and Diva Life(which the developers later pulled the plugs off at some point). The game kept me on FB for 6 months with everyone complaining on how I was online all the time. I laugh at that, I wish. But I would not disclose my secret, a girl gats to keep some secrets.
Anyways to cut the apparently very long story short. I am setting up this blog because I need new "notes." And as much, I would be transferring the sixteen notes that I had inconsistently written in my FB literary journey.
At this point, I have to point out that my blog would definitely get weird because it is a coalition of my creative writing and my PR self. I do not believe I am up to keeping two different blogs for my two different majors that merge at some point in my brainy brain. So welcome to my blog. I promise to blog more often. But right now, I have to start transferring my "notes."

Paidion Moi

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