A very heartbreaking season finale -- Rizzoli and Isles

Are you freaking kidding me? 

That single moment when Maura Isles raises her eyes, bats away Jane Rizzoli’s hands and screams "don’t touch him" shattered my heart into a million piece. I sat in shock as I watched Jane shoot Patrick Doyle, Maura’s biological father, and seeing Maura reject Jane's help broke it. Holy shit! This is the worst season finale that I ever watched in the entirety of my life. 10 minutes till the end and still no break in the case was enough to tell any ardent #RizzoliandIsles fan that the ending would be a cliff hanger. But nothing prepared us for this.

The very thing that makes Rizzoli and Isles very fascinating is the relationship between the two female leads. The relationship is so tight and unique that it sometime borders on same sex attraction. The teasing game of wondering if both Jane and Maura might hook up even though realizing that would never happen is one thing about the show. Another is the sisterly bond between both characters. Beneath the tension lies a true comradeship. For example, Jane sleeps with Gabriel Dean and the first thing she thinks of when she wakes up is how Maura is holding up. The two of them would gladly give up their limited dates and rush to help the other in need. And, that is the pull of the show. Both women are only girls and the need to reach out deep.

But now, we have Maura pissed at Jane for shooting her father. Maura has had this strange relationship with her birth father since the beginning of the series. She actually found out who he was by having her brother as a corpse on her table.

With this episode, viewers realize that Maura might not really be the adopted daughter we all thought her to be. That her “foster” mother might be her real mother who left her mob father when some stuff went down. And the key to the puzzle is lying on the fire-stricken floor fighting for his life. In just this episode, Maura has both parents in critical condition. Not funny.

My above rant, begs the question: just how would the two bridge the gap? Seven months is too long to find that out and something tells me that the book might not have the answers I need.
  • Would Paddy die?
  • I hope Dean is dead; I do not want to ever see him again.
  • Is Jane pregnant? I do hope the writers do not go for this. The thought leaves a sour taste in my mouth.
  • Did Maura’s mum and Paddy hook up? Why doesn’t she (what) him?
  • Are Maura and Jane going to make up?
  • Is Maura going to have a nervous breakdown? I hope not. Tonight is the height of Maura’s hopelessness. Turns out I like Maura being a fun Maurapedia.
I don't kid myself one bit that the major reason I love the show is because I'm an only girl. If I did find the sister in a relationship that both Maura and Jane have, I would do all things to preserve it. So dear writers, please make season 3 realistic and do ensure that they make up quickly enough. Don't make season three's tension hinge on whether they might make up or not. Don't lose me as that would be extremely annoying!

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