Happy New Year

       Yesterday, a friend asked me why I don't blog about the current political situation in Nigeria. I wouldn't bore you with my answer and the rest of the conversation. For my New Year's post, I decided to do something different: blog about my prayers and wishes for 2012.

In 2012, I hope that:
  • Boko Haram realizes that their mission statement is ridiculous and their actions worse. May their eyes open and they realize that killing innocent people isn't the way to make their statement. Let them take the fight directly to whom they have issues with. I better stop here before I indict myself! Hopefully, they get my unspoken thoughts.
  • Lord shows himself to Jonathan in a dream. And like Solomon, he would ask for wisdom and be given more abundantly.
  • The next three years speed up. I swear until a friend wrote about it, I had thought that Jonathan was close to the end of his tenure. It dampened my spirit to realize that we still had three more years with him. 
  • There be no bomb blast today. That people go to watch-night services, dance away their sorrows, wish for a better tomorrow and join hands to pray for Nigeria. 
  • There be no war outbreak in Nigeria and that the CIA's 2015 prediction for Nigeria be proven wrong.
  • People, including my mother, stop defending Jonathan based on his ethnicity. I am tired of it being used as a justification for his election. The moment we agree that he isn't qualified to be president is the very moment when we would start the journey to the Nigeria that I envision.
  • Nollywood continue to grow and the proliferation of useless films be a thing in the past.
  • Every Nigerian has a blog. Please, don't ask me why.
  • Food shall not be scarce on the table of an average Nigerian.
  • Jonathan action of declaring states of emergency actually work out.
  • Jonathan proves me wrong and makes me pronounce him worthy of his position.
  • Oil subsidy removal die a very swift death. 
This is what I have for now. Happy New Year. I pray that this year be better than the last. Today, please do have fun and forget about Jona and Boko Haram.

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