Let's start again

Today, we had more than a five minute conversation
Okay maybe not that much
But a first in a while
Been riding on grace for the last few months
Closing my eyes saying goodnight
Opening and rushing out of bed

The time we shared
Underneath the bedside lamp
A distant memory

Tis, they say, is normal
That I turn without a kiss on the cheek
Breeze the streets humming and living
Basking in the warmth of your love
Not returning it

I try
Each time
My laptop screen light, a bigger distraction
It wipes the sleep from my eyes
Warms my bed
And offers a prospect

Of the ache and emptiness
Need you back
The closeness we shared
Sure, you still got my back
Still make things happen
But tis different

Let’s starts the day again
My name, Paidion
And you, my lover

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