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An ode to Alex and Her Glasses (#OITNB)

I usually don't do this. But, Alex Vause's pair of glasses deserves a post of its own. My earlier review of the series can be found here.

Orange Is The New Black (#OITNB): You Need to be Watching

On Thursday, with all my irritation and darkness, I surfed through Netflix to sight Orange is the New Black(OITNB) at my topmost feed. So, I thought to myself. Why not give it a try? If the first episode is bad, you get out. I haven't watched Hemlock Grove and gave up on Arrested Development after a couple episodes. As I clicked on it, I hoped it was like House of Cards. It was and much better.

First twenty seconds, the series punches you in the gut. You can either leave at this point or journey further. If you decide to proceed, you have to drop all preconceived notions. Boys and girls around the globe probably pulled up a bit more. In my case, I raised my right eyebrow in interest. The moment hits me. While others see a steamy shower, I see a stance, a promise, the first line of the book. The director, writer, producer and actors promise me no bullshit story.