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A Visit to Apollo: through my brother's lens

Last month, my brother, Atilola Olubela, underwent his first excursion to Apollo, Makoko, Lagos and has this to share:
March 3, 2013 was a remarkable day that called for deeper reflection, I had no wedding and event to cover and decided to be a part of "The Silent Majority Project" exhibition by one of Nigeria's finest documentary photographer, Mr Adolphus Opara, organised by Goethe-Institut Lagos. This became my first visit to the acclaimed and highly Makoko, sort by both local and international artists. I have always seen Makoko in paintings, photographs and the regular panoramic view from the third-main land bridge, I had always wondered what world would be out there. The closest experience I ever had to this visit was the BBC documentary "Welcome To Lagos", which was a heart-wrenching one ... hmmm! The Ojota episode was also touching. Seriously, my heart has always skipped since this experience. Makoko, a world contrast of Venice, a crude cosmopolitan and a…