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Five most important traits that distinguish Nigerians

1. Pride -- even with our country all fae-ed like a burnt tomato burger, we all feel a slight hint of pride to come from her. Even when we disown her, we still feel "blessed" with the skills we've got because of her faekryness. It's this pride that rubs most foreigners, especially African Americans, the wrong way. They don't know that we don't know how to turn it off as it flows in our blood. And most time, 99.5 percent of the time, we're unaware of it.

2. Entrepreneurship -- it's in us. I wonder why. But, I suspect the truth can only be dished in a PhD dissertation. The entrepreneurial spirit can be seen in our illegal conducts. I mean, I look at the 419ners (internet scammers) and I'm amazed at the business sense. Only wished it were put to good use. And Nigerians that put such spirit into good use, well, unstoppable.