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Child Abuse (My Words, My Story) -- @EvaAlordiah

Stories like this need to be told in this way: with emotion and context. Stories like this should be about reaching the child who might be going through the same situation or who might have. Stories like this need to be told because we have a lot to do. I have a lot to do. You have a lot to do. One negative tendency of Nigerians is to smolder in the "pretense" of helping. We need to learn how to help with abusing the survivor in turn.

It is some months before August, the dates running all the way back into the calendars of the early 90s. In a few months from this day, she will turn 7 years old, maybe even have a big school party like her friend Aisha had weeks back. But today, while she’s still 6 years old and counting.

@JenniferNettles' #ThatGirl, Full Lyrics and Review

It's no secret that I am a die-hard country music fan. If you want to get the chronology of my love for it, tweet at me at @olubela.
      Like many, I was glad to hear that Jennifer Nettles was working on her solo album. I love Sugarland, but I lurve me some Jennifer Nettles. I often have felt she needed to get one Female of the Year CMA award. Haba! Also, most people don't know this, but JN comes from a rock background, which is why she always would cover at least one rock song during her tour performances. I believe it will be obvious in her new album too. By the way, I have never seen someone who loves to perform like JN. Beyonce comes close. When you add JN's electic background to her unique-twang voice, you can't help but get excited for her new work. I predict it would stun the country music world and it will be a great year for her. I mostly am excited about That Girl, her first single which you can listen to below.