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Nigerian Idiosyncracies

Thanks @Kunledee for the inspiration.

Okay, this post might be super short but I have to say this out. It is crazy that it is really easy to ascribe to someone the prefixes that you would kill someone if you were the recipient of such. Perhaps it's the Yoruba factor, or even religious affiliation that is the cause of the behavior. Just maybe.

Social Media Plagiarism

Plagiarism, especially for a college student, is pretty scary. The repercussion of an FF is too humiliating to think of. It is forever in your record and no one would want to ever hear your side of the story. I got a close call once; I had refused to put quotation marks on my quotes even though I had accredited the quote itself.

Movies I recommend

1). Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. I hate horror movies and can't stand to watch them. Not necessarily because unnecessary blood makes me queasy or the costumes makes me scared(although I must confess to the two), but because the story lines are the same. Car breaks down on a journey, you are forced to veer down the road and sleep over in a haunted house. Then ghost chops you off one by one and bla bla bla bla.

Nollywood Review: De Cliq

I have always wanted to write a review for Nollywood but wondered if I might make positive criticism though. And all the movies I really want to write on, are either in the theater that I have no access to or have not been produced yet. So, presently watching a movie on Boring night and I refuse to sleep. I must confess there is nothing too superb about the movie except that Alexander Lopez is in it and I haven't seen her in a decade. So I'm like, why not write about?

The movie starts with the normal annoying non-diegetic sounds that only Nollywood produces: loud and unclassifiable sound with the credits rolling. Then, we are introduced to the major characters. Alexander in a brown poker-dot blouse that seems to draw one's attention to her boobies. Oge Okoye walks in in a gold top and a black short. Chika Ike and Thelma Okodua walk in one after the other too. And all of them complain about Alexander drinking vodka at two in the afternoon, in respectively annoy…


Brunette is what I would call her, although you might disagree and point out that it is walnut brown with streaks of neutral dark blonde in it. Her smile lights up the whole room, as the line stretches from one dimple to another. Her gray eyes twinkle as if a star had fallen and taken abode in her face. Her plump face whispers “I am a natural woman,” as the bridge of her nose tips forward, loudly proclaiming her Irish background.

The Dinner

Kacy is in the kitchen stirring the broth on the burner. After a few stir, she walks to the sink, washes and dries her hand, in that order. I wonder what’s keeping them; he was supposed to be here 30 minutes ago she wonders, as she walks towards to the phone and picks it up.

The stream encounter

“Nneka!” Deborah screams

“We dey come, make una wait,”
“Make una comot, make we fit waka come back on time oh.”
Two young ladies walk out of red brick house with mud pots in their hands. They have mini cloths (oshuka) which is rolled up and put in between the head and pot. They walk over to a third girl sitting under the mango tree outside the house.
“Mama still never come back from market oh,” the girl called Nneka says

Multiple Voices

I was clearing my table for the day when my phone rang. Feeling extremely tired, as I had pulled a late night in preparation for my early morning case, I pick up my phone.
“Is this miss Sullivan,” the voice at the other end says
“Yes, how may I help you?”
“Oh-” My mind drowns all that followed. I suddenly felt dizzy. This shouldn’t be happening; I collapse to my chair and find the courage to say “Yeah I would be there in a few minutes.”


You had me at hello, seriously. Asin I am serious.
I smiled mischievously but thank God you didn't see
Cos words from Asa comes to mind
"My mama used to tell me
It ain't that cool
to see a man u love and start to act like a fool"
You bet the reason I love the song is because of that line.
I croon and shout along to it every time the beat comes on
Telling myself that I better watch out and don't play a fool
Mama's voice sounding over Asa's voice
And I swear it's her voice I hear every time

Happy Mother's (American) Day

Initially posted on Monday, May 9, 2011 at 12:22 a.m.   
You bet I was going to write something. Why wouldn't I? I did for Father's Day. Anyways, it's 11.56 p.m. and I have written a few words. By the time I am done, Mother's Day would be over where I am. Honestly, truth be told, I have no idea where I'm going or how this note would end up. All thoughts I had before opening a new note is all gone. My mind is all blank.

But I know I am gonna wade through this. I guess I better say this now, even if it's too late: Happy Mother's day iya to bi mi and you all too. Yes, my mind is beginning to clear a bit, and my focus getting into place. So today a couple of my followers/followees tweeted on how there were many Mother's Day in a year. Well, been there, done that come to mind. Not proudin, nay, not at all. Just stating that I too have been confused before. Why I had to say happy Mother's Day three times or more. As in, sometimes I wondered if my in…

I am not my teeth

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at 2:14am

Yah!!! for some reason when trying to pick title for this post, that stuck out at once. I am not my teeth, indeed, believe me the words ring out in Indie Arie's " I am not my hair" voice. Anyway what started this post since ya all know, something always triggers my writing mood. Sha I was reading a young girl like me's blog and she was talking about the gap between her front teeth. Immediately all my teeth started howling or doing whatever they do to get our attention. But believe me, I quieted them with a little thought, pschew, talk about mind control. Really don't test me.

Whether na one naira..Yeah Right!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011 at 10:10pm <<---totally true, this article is so down to point..

It crazy how we all sing and say "it doesn't matter how bulky his pocket iz/her, as far as he/she loves me" I so wanna scream b.s!!!!

Don't get me wrong I love the song "One Naira by M.I and Waje, might even have contemplated on crooning it to my other half at some point, but I do not fool myself in believing that I might mean the entirety of the message...(is something wrong with me, am I no longer the Christian that I profess to be? no thats not the case)

No matter how goodly we want to look and project, we still need to count our losses.

One8 project and Africa

Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 2:58pm

So yesterday I told myself i was going to write a note even if it is just a paragraph. Five minutes ago, the idea for this notes popped in. I had re-pasted the One8 song and commented on it, and It was going to be a long comment, so I was like, you know why not write a note about it.So boom I am here. First and foremost, before you continue you might want to listen to the song itself.

Hi Everyone: I am back

Friday, September 10, 2010 at 7:07pm

Wow; havent written a note in a while. Somehow my current status changed that. Once again, I could finally see and talk. It is amazing how liberating the feeling is, when u get things off your chest. So I am going to talk to you. Got a lot on my mind and need to combine minds.

And before you ask; I am doing great; being a superwoman***joking of course**. But the whole point is I am doing stuff and I am smiling.

The oh's and ah's of a Christian and Contemporary Music

Sunday, July 11, 2010 at 8:14pm
Music in for as long as I think of has always been debated on, actually I have not seen a topic much more debated upon both within a person and externally. So what the vote of context, never mind my English, sometimes I like to play with words like you know a pun, well if you if didn’t do Literature, mi bad.
Anyways let’s get back to the track, the questions has always been:-what is the definition of the term gospel, believe me everybody asks that question a lot, even the contemporary artistes, what defines the genre, if you are a little small minded about the tern Gospel music, well to bad I don’t have enough space to teach you but all I can say is wake up and see, if your definition of gospel is still based on the fact that the musicians put “I love God” or must call his name at least, or sing about the church or Christ oh my dear you are in for it, anyway let check the ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIAN MUSIC.

My class work. doesnt have a title yet. just that it had to begin with “I just thought it would be okay if I told your wife the truth."

Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 1:06am
“I just thought it would be okay if I told your wife the absolute truth.” I could see him fuming; He really didn’t know what to say. He probably thought of picking the bat and beating me with it. I could see him twisting and squeezing his hand as if he wanted to take a swing. But he is too gentlemanly, which made me wonder why he ever got into all this stuff. It just wasn’t what you would think he would ever do. This was probably why I ever got into this mess in the first place. I amalso not just the kind of person who does this shit either. I pride myself on being upright.

Magical realism- My assignment.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 at 4:23pm
Gathering my books, I turned around at Catherine, “so are we set to go” I asked her. She turned to me and said “oh my God, Brittany, I am sorry, I would not be going home with you, John asked me on a date, and I said yes”. “ That’s ok I said” wondering how and why she could have forgotten to tell me that tiny little information before, we were supposed to be best friends and all. But I guess friends fuck up and all you can do is smile and wave it away…that what friends are, isn’t it?

The Gift of a Father

The Gift of a Fatherby Murewa Olubela on Sunday, June 20, 2010 at 12:36pm
Today is Father's day, have you said happy Father's day to anyone, your father perhaps or the father figures in your life.

Quickly am gonna tell you what inspired this write, It is simply a note Fela Durotoye wrote about Obama thoughts. It amazing how much the man amazes me, with his deep thought and poise, did I tell his daughters are simply cute, they are just adorable, looking at them, their poise and all, I try and wonder how life at the white house is.

Righting the wrong in my life

Saturday, June 12, 2010 at 1:53am Finally got something to write, words and emotion running around my heads so fast that I actually wonder if I am going to write all that down.

So here is it, recently i wrote a note titled the "Bane of an extrovert", well if you saw it good, if not excellent , cos I deleted it after some contemplation. First and foremost I need to clarify something, for me writing is for now my way of getting my feeling out, lately I have not shouted at someone or poured it all out

Dear Heavens

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 5:38am
Dear Heavens

Heavens help. Just found out that I am actually egocentric- me, myself and I syndrome. I would probably have never believed it if I were told by someone else. I try to dominate conversations engaged in by steering around me and my problems-whatever I am going through- me, me, me. I also realize that it is an unconscious act.

The start of something new - Overcoming my procrastination

Tuesday, June 8, 2010 at 5:09am                                                                                                 
Every one seems to be writing notes and blog, but me, my page been blank, not because, I really dont have thoughts and all, but simply because, I sometimes find it hard to put my thought to paper or pen or whatever you want to call it, which is ironic as presently my major in school is English.And more to the point Creative Writing.


I swore that if I ever blogged, it wouldn't be because everyone is/was blogging but because I had a concrete reason to. So why did I open a blog site now? Easy, in a few days, I would be saying goodbye to Facebook. For the past two years, I had wanted to shut my account down but kept procrastinating. First, it was because of a reason I have no idea of right now, then it became the only means I could reach out to my friends across the ocean (see even though I am an inner tech geek, I strangely believe phones should be only business oriented alone. And as much, I cannot relax and chat on the phone. YEAH, weird. I know, welcome to my world.) What brought about me wanting to shut my FB account? It started with a call from a friend, telling me she had left FB cos "it just took too much of my time." I readily agreed but didn't think myself brave enough to take that step. However a year and a half later, after I stopped accepting friends request because I had close to 2500 …