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Happy New Year

Iya Mi!

A very heartbreaking season finale -- Rizzoli and Isles

Merry Christmas!!!

Dec 1, 1998 II

Lessons I have learned from my internship hunt

Dec 1, 1998

Let's start again

Form Assignment


My PUR3000 Class Reflection.

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Identifying Brand Influencers

Klout (Identifying Brand Influencers)

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Let's talk PR

Let's talk RIM

Dedicated to Mrs Amorelle Inanga

In love

pur3000 Social Media Campaign: LGTextEd

A chapter in my book turned script(contd)

419 Reasons to Like Nigeria LAUNCH.

Africa: A Poor Nation?

A chapter in my book turned script(contd)

Nigeria, A Desensitized Nation

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A chapter in my book turned script

“419 Reasons to Like Nigeria” Campaign

Screenplay Writing Competition


Nigerian Idiosyncracies

Social Media Plagiarism

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The Dinner

The stream encounter

Multiple Voices


Happy Mother's (American) Day

I am not my teeth

Whether na one naira..Yeah Right!!!!!!