Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

The day of the Schmidt or Smith is over. The first couple episodes did lure me ahead. But I've got to say I couldn't finish this series in one sitting, not because I couldn't but because I needed a break from it.

First, the 30 minutes per episode format isn't working for me. It's Neflix, dammit. I have come to expect greatness from its original series. A little bit of Googling showed that the series wasn't produced for Netflix in mind but NBC which accounts for all my issues.

The series tries too hard to be funny and sometimes it's hard to suppress disbelief that Kimmy is a woman who was kept in a bunker for 15 years, I think, secluded from the world. But then, American over the top humor always is lost on me. The comparison to 30 Rock is on the money. I also never found that show funny. So, if you loved or liked 30 Rock, you might find the first season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt hilarious, like its theme song which I love. Love love the cheekiness of that song and how much it's similar to "it's a fire, Lord Jesus. I ran for my dear life."

The series also delivered too much racial innuendos it could have kept in its pocket.

I did watch the whole season though. Yes, I had to take a long nap in between to finish it, unlike my usual Netflix original series binge all at once habit. But as much as the show got some things wrong, it has the ability to be great. Oh Tina Fey, everything you touch is golden. Her last two episode arch had me feeling more comic vibes than the rest of the show. Her hair deserves a plot line of its own. Let's face it, Tina Fey is hilarious. 

I don't doubt that next season would be glorious once the crew shakes off the NBC format style of writing shackle and embrace the freedom that comes with doing a Netflix series. That would blow things out of the park. 

All together, it's a 3 out 5 stars endeavor.  

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