Why can't Christian Filmmakers Get It Right?

Stopped, paused and played The Song  a million times. I can't take it anymore. So, I am going to vent for a few.

From the poster, you could tell the bloody  plot. Just seeing the tattooed covered girl  standing behind the protagonist is enough to foretell that she will be portrayed as the snake whore who will lure the righteous man from his path and cause him to crash everything. Because the one thing Christians are being taught over and over again is that men have no will over their decisions and the woman is always at fault for every bloody wrong thing.

Every time I hear some turd quote the snake, the apple, Eve, Adam and the bloody fall from grace episode, I literally pull my hair and question God why he makes people dumb.

The blame game started there. Color me confused but did Eve force the apple down Adam's throat? No, she offered and Adam made a conscious decision to eat the fruit even though God GAVE HIM the instruction. Adam was the only one God had the discussion with and the one in convenant with God. He fell, full stop. This whole argument infuriates me because such people, still in one breath, use the bible to claim that man is the stronger of both sexes. Which often leaves me confused about how Eve could then be the scarlet devil she's depicted to be. Enough of this line of thought, I could go on. But, The Song is my bone of contention.

So, the plot as predicted is that a guy, a singer, goes on the road, becomes famous, cheats on his wife and yada yada.

First couple of scenes, you know the story's going to be creepy as hell. Guy meets girl at a party and sings some icky sing about her jackass ex to a bunch of hometowners using everybody's name. He just met her. And it's supposedly to be sweet or romantic. Dear writers, that was the first creepy as hell thing you did. Then guy walks up to girl after such badly sung creepy song and starts talking about marriage. Like seriously, calm the blot down, you haven't even asked her on a first date yet. And like every Christian and secular movie, they get married. No courtship? If that isn't the signal of storms to come, or the fact that both guy and girl don't seem to have much close relationship with their savior besides being born into a Christian home, I don't know what is. 

But, that's not the reason their marriage goes through trying period. No, then steps in the She-devil, totally different, aesthetically and otherwise, from the good wife. Shelby Bae, thank God her name isn't Jade, shamelessly pursues guy from the moment she meets him. They sleep together and girl's father dies at that same moment. Because you know retribution comes that fast and God takes away the people you love or people those you love love once you transgress. Let's not forget that guy is blameless and couldn't stay true to his vows because she-devil. I mean what could the guy have done. Poor guy's clueless. He couldn't even figure out how to rock a face beard and not make it seem like it was glued to his face, which it was. If he can't get his beard right or even know how to bloody sing, how can he keep to his vows. Really, Murewa, you're thinking this too much.

Of course, guy goes back on tour while his wife mourns her dad. He was only there for a day. Because his journey into being a useless husband is just beginning and she-devil has just begun. She introduces him to drugs, tattoos and all the cliches. 

My head reels. Really, it does. Somehow, this dude has gone on tours before, was a big time artist, enough to have a vineyard and a mansion, yet he didn't do drugs or groupies before. 

Shit happens and everybody knows that touring can be challenging. But things doesn't happen this way. There's usually a visible slow descent before the final whirlwind spiral into that storm/ ruining your life. None which the film shows. 

This drama filled cliches is a disappointment in the making. Christian filmmakers need to do better and stay off the rhetoric of the scarlet woman. Why is it so hard to get a good faith-based film? 

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