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It is trailers time. And boy, am I loving them all. In no specific order, here are trailers I am excited for or can see myself getting excited about.

TV Shows 

The Astronauts Wives Club

Yes! Yes! Yes!


My love for Bette Porter, I mean Jennifer Beals, no I don't, knows no bound. Loved Chicago Code and hated its cancellation. So, color me happy to see her face on my small screen again.

Dark Matters

Syfy, Syfy, Syfy. All I need to know and say about this show. Syfy has been giving me life recently with Ascension, 12 Monkeys, and other shows. So, I will be watching.


Cheesy storyline that I can love to hate. Are you kidding me? Count me double in, FOX.


Not sure how I feel about it yet. Will watch though. But, I didn't like the drawing out of Netflix's Daredevil. Took too long to build momentum. Didn't love Bloodline too. Cautious that Sense8 might be like that too. But, nice premise.

CBS Supergirl

Already has issues, like the cheesy CGI and Kara's age when she leaves Krypton. Wasn't Krypton destroyed after Kal-El left? And since Kara left as a teenager, not a baby, should she look older than Kal-El right now? Right now, it feels like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. meet Superman meet Flash meet corny CGI. Will give it to CBS though, it pulls up at the end.


Another CBS series I am not too giddy about. It's based on the Limitless movie. Bradley Cooper reprises his role though, now as an enabler, I think.

Angel From Hell

Now, that's a CBS show, I'll be watching no doubt.



Yes. Yes. Yes.


Saw the trailer and boy was I excited! Why isn't there a Black Widow movie yet!!!!!

You can watch trailers for all ABC new 2015 fall shows at http://abc.go.com/new-shows . They include The Catch, Dr. Ken, The Family, The Muppets, Of Kings and Prophets, Oil (which after the cancellation of Dallas might just be the oil you need for Fall), Quantico (hello spy show), The Real O'Neals, Uncle Buck and Wicked City.
On a second thought, Quantico deserves have its trailer featured here. I am so sunk in.

Worthy Mentions, Just Because

Orange is the New Black, Season 3 Netflix, Netflix, Netflix, Alex Vause. Love that the show makes fun of itself and never takes itself seriously. How good is the "We also do other things" Piper line. Yeah, Piper, like ...?

Grace and Frankie

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